KLUTCH 21 ® is more than a clothing brand, it's a Lifestyle!!  The acronym stands for "Knowledge Liberates Us To Conquer Hurdles ®" It provides a unique and original fashion apparel that was designed to deliver inspiration and a sense of accomplishment for contributing to the greater cause, paying it forward with the next generation. Each product was designed with you, the customer, in mind and the urgency to provide high quality street wear.  After all, the highest human act is to Inspire!

 KLUTCH 21 is a brand that reminds everyone to never give up and continue going after their dreams!  

KLUTCH 21 was founded by Janesha Washington when she noticed the need to inspire and motivate future generations.  After the recent loss of her brother and 2 close childhood friends, she took a leap of faith towards changing, rebuilding, and revitalizing her community which is something she'd always had plans to do.  She began her journey towards this goal by creating a movement behind her own clothing brand.   

She's know for her famous slogans "Come through in the KLUTCH!" and

"That's KLUTCH!"

​Definition of KLUTCH: 1) The ability to perform under extreme pressure despite failure, opposition, or delay in achieving success. 2) To perform an act of greatness surpassing one's expectations by conquering their fears.

"Making KLUTCH shots was a major game changer for me growing up!  It changed my basketball career and opened up so many doors for me!  Hitting those game winners left a special mark in my heart.  Eventually it bled down into my personal life and changed it for the better!  Life is what you make it!  So make a Movement!!"  

- Janesha G. Washington, CEO

"A True Game Changer"